Starting a career as a competitive fisherman – what you should you know

If you love fishing and could happily spend all day sitting in a boat or standing in a cold stream, it’s not surprising that you are considering starting a career as a competitive fisherman. The sport can be quite lucrative if you have the skill and luck needed to bring in trophy worthy fish, and it is quickly gaining in popularity across the United States. Some high schools are even recognizing it as a sport and you can always find entire libraries dedicated just to fishing. Before you quit your office job and start spending the days with a rod and reel in your hands there are a few things you should know about becoming a competitive fisherman.





One of the most important things you need to know is that competitive fishing is seasonal. This means that you will either have to be extremely successful at reeling in one type of fish, or skilled enough to go after several varieties. This applies to bass fishing, which is often the most lucrative, to fly and even ice fishing. Some professional anglers are able to participate in all types of tournaments, and even travel around the world following the different seasons. My best advice when you are first starting out is to concentrate on one particular season. As your skill and confidence improves then you can start trying your luck going after other types of fish.



License and registration


I have watched several of my friends over the years get all their gear together, including their lucky lures, only to find that they forget to renew their fishing license or mail in the registration form. All fishing competitions require a valid license, along with completed registration forms. You should also know that in most cases there will also be fees that need to be paid in full at the start of the competition. The amount will vary depending on the state, and it will be listed on your registration form.





You must have the right gear, and it also has to be approved by the governing competition committee. The reason that there are regulations on gear is to ensure that everything is as equal as it can be for all anglers, and to help protect the environment so the competition can continue for many more years. As for why you need to have the right gear, the answer should be obvious. For example if you are trying to score the biggest fish at a fly fishing tournament you don’t want to show up with a spinning rod and reel. As you already know, your equipment will determine how successful you are out on the water.


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